Five Minute Friday: Worship

Fort c™tire d'altitude ˆ Douglas et Tsuga

I was in my early thirties the year I had the most darkness around me. I couldn’t seem to escape it until I began seeking Christ more wholeheartedly.

As I began learning to keep my gaze fixed upon Jesus rather than on my problems, I could see light at the end of the tunnel. Through prayer and fellowship with Him, the light began flooding out the darkness.

In those quiet moments of stillness and seeking, as I bowed before the Creator of the universe, I was overcome with the vastness of His being. Now sixteen years later, I realize that it was while experiencing painful trials that I was given a true heart of worship.

“A time will come, however, indeed it is already here, when the true (genuine) worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth (reality); for the Father is seeking just such people as these as His worshipers.” John 4:23 (Amplified Bible)

I’m linking up for Five Minute Friday where Lisa Jo Baker and other awesome people write for five minutes flat with no self critiquing or no striving for perfection. This week’s prompt is: “Worship.”

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Five Minute Friday

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  1. Celeste Morrison on August 30, 2013 at 3:53 pm said:


    It’s always so good and so encouraging to hear of others who have walked through the darkness and not only found a glimmer of light at the end, but seen the light flooding out the darkness! Really touching to read x

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