Prayer for Hurting Marriages


Are you in a hurting marriage? If you are contemplating divorce, I would like to ask you to give Christ an opportunity to restore and heal your broken relationship.

My marriage was once a broken mess until Christ swept my husband and me into His loving arms and healed each of us individually. Christ’s love brought us back together after a brief separation and He rebuilt our marriage firmly on the foundation of His love.

The greatest miracle I believe any of us can experience is the miracle of forgiveness. Christ forgave each of us for every sin and took the punishment for us so that we could live eternally in His grace. The marriage relationship is the most powerful and beautiful way to reveal the grace of Christ to a world that’s desperately in need of genuine love.

My prayer is for all those reading these words to be able to tap into the amazing grace of Christ and be empowered to walk in forgiveness toward your spouse and find a deeper love than you’ve ever imagined.


Dear Heavenly Father,

I am in awe of Your goodness and grace. Thank You for renewing and restoring all that is broken. Please be with those who are in hurting marriages. Please whisper words of encouragement to their hearts and let them begin to forgive their husband or wife for the hurt inflicted upon them. Let hope arise in their hearts today and every day. Bind their spirits together as one and begin restoring the love they once had for each other. Pour out a spirit of reconciliation over them and give them the strength they need to rebuild their marriage. Teach them how to pray together and how to encourage each other. Replace all the pain with pure love and beauty. Restore the passion that has been lost and let them see each other through Your eyes. Let their marriage be a powerful testimony to the world. Let their renewed relationship be a display of Your great and perfect love. I pray in Christ’s name. Amen.

May your marriage be more beautiful than you ever dreamed possible.

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